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Sub-Saharan Africa Most Optimistic in the World Filed in: economic growth, economy, growth, africa

Bloomberg reports that residents across Africa tend to be more optimistic about their domestic economies than in other regions. Nigeria is the most optimistic with people in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia also perceiving economic progress in their countries.  In contrast, individuals in the developed world tend to be pessimistic...

World Bank cuts Rwanda’s 2014 Growth Forecast Filed in: economy, rwanda

Reuters reported on Thursday that the World Bank cut Rwanda’s 2014 growth forecast from 7.2 percent to 5.2 percent. The cut is due to slow spending on energy and transport as well as a slowdown on private sector credit. “Investment in energy and transport would spur the private sector and...

After the US-Africa’s Leaders’ Summit Filed in: rwanda, economy

After the US-Africa’s Leaders’ Summit The U.S. – Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington, D.C. at the beginning of August, resulted in around $33 billion of pledges from American businesses. However, as the Wall Street Journal notes, the success of the summit won’t be measured in a dollar amount “but by...

Rwanda growth strong Filed in: workshop, economy, gdp

Rwanda growth strong A delegation from the IMF completed a review of Rwanda in March and came away with a positive report on Rwanda's growth. “Rwanda’s recent economic performance has been strong. The growth of real gross domestic product (GDP) exceeded 8 percent in 2011 and is projected to be in...

The Strategic Coach® provides valuable tools for building Rwanda’s Bigger Future Filed in: economy

The Strategic Coach®, a North American-based organization that equips successful entrepreneurs to make significant improvements in productivity and results, has provided many of its most valuable tools and concepts to Bigger Future, GRDP's business acceleration program in Rwanda. Our goal in Rwanda is to help its most promising...

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