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African Economy Slows, Rwanda’s Economy Resilient Filed in: economic growth, rwanda

The Wall Street Journal reports that Africa’s overall growth rate will slow to 4 percent from its historic 4.4 percent. The stall, according to the journal, is due to the fall in oil prices as well as slowed growth in the developed world and in China. Africa’s economic...

Rwanda’s Tech Advances Support Entrepreneurs Filed in: tech entrepreneurs, smes, sme, carnegie mellon university, tech, rwanda, ict, entrepreneurs

Rwanda recently won the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award for its innovative business model in providing internet access to the country through a public private partnership. South Korea’s largest telecommunications provider, Korea Telecoms, partnered with the Government of Rwanda to launch a 4G network in the country. Korea...

World-Class African Entrepreneurs Filed in: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs

Senegalese entrepreneur Magette Wade believes that African entrepreneurs should aspire to build world-class businesses, and that financiers should expect the same from them. Wade is the founder and CEO of Toissan, an all-natural skin care brand. Her first business, Adina World Beat Beverages, raised more than $30 million of venture capital...

Africa’s Angel Group Filed in: angel investment, investment, medium-sized enterprise

U.S.-based Renew Strategies is an impact-oriented angel group focused on bringing capital to scalable medium-sized companies across Africa. Right now the firm has three Ethiopian companies in its portfolio and is looking to expand. To date the firm has raised $about 2 million, according to the Washington Post. Although...

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