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Can you name your Unique Process®? Filed in:

As we wrap up our series of Bigger Future workshops for 2011, our focus turns to sales, marketing, and discovering your Unique Process®, a way of thinking about your business developed by The Strategic Coach®. Every successful business has a unique approach that differentiates it from its competition. Even...

What’s Your Unique Ability®? Filed in:

It was August, and that meant it was time for our third workshop of 2011. Our theme was unique ability, based on a process developed by The Strategic Coach®, and we looked at it both on a personal and company level. Prior to attending the workshop, all of the members...

April 2011 Workshops at Lemigo Hotel Filed in:

The week of April 18 saw eight experienced entrepreneurs from North America join the GRDP | Bigger Future team in Rwanda. There was a reception on Monday evening at 6:30pm for all Bigger Future members. On Tuesday morning starting at 8:30am, the Bigger Future Year One workshop series continued to build on...

Setting 3-Year Goals lays the foundation Filed in:

The Bigger Future program was in full swing in January as we introduced a new group of Rwandese entrepreneurs to the Year One program and reconvened last year's members into the Master's Program.We were also priveleged to have 20 graduate students from the Johns Hopkins Casey Business School working with...

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