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Companies Expanding in Africa Filed in: airbnb, ibm, starbucks, fdi, investment, economic growth, boston consulting group, africa, kenya, facebook

Consulting firms from McKinsey & Company to the Boston Consulting Group have touted sub-Saharan's investment opportunities, and now large companies from the West are following suit. Recent investment announcements are highlighted below. Airbnb: The number of people staying in Airbnb homes in Africa has increased 257 percent, with Johannesburg and...

Sub-Saharan Africa Most Optimistic in the World Filed in: economy, growth, africa, economic growth

Bloomberg reports that residents across Africa tend to be more optimistic about their domestic economies than in other regions. Nigeria is the most optimistic with people in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia also perceiving economic progress in their countries.  In contrast, individuals in the developed world tend to be pessimistic...

Rwanda Pursues Foreign Investment Increase Filed in: rwanda, east africa, kenya, fdi, investment

According to The Africa Report, Rwanda is seeking to increase foreign direct investment this year to $1.2 billion. The increase will be helped along by new investment tax incentives, which include a seven-year tax holiday for firms investing over $50 million. Rwanda has become an attractive investment destination due to its strong,...

Local African Companies Produce Outsized Success Filed in: medium-sized enterprise, economic growth, boston consulting group

From Financial Times’ This is Africa Magazine: Six local African companies are giving their globalized competitors a run for their money in their home markets, according to a new report by the US-based Boston Consulting Group. This is the first time that so many countries from the African region...

HBR on Doing Business in Africa Filed in: investment

With the rising interest in adding sub-Saharan Africa to emerging market portfolios, Harvard Business Review recently covered some of the myths of doing business in sub-Saharan Africa. These misconceptions include: There is no competitive urgency to build a presence in sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa's growth is all about natural...

Facebook in Africa Filed in: africa, tech

Recognizing the massive untapped market opportunity in Africa’s 1 billion people, Facebook has decided to establish an office in South Africa. According to Bloomberg, there are only 120 million or just .12% of the African continent’s population on Facebook. The tech giant will face challenges as it looks to...

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