Our Mission

The mission of Bigger Future is to inspire and strengthen promising entrepreneurs in emerging countries.

We help high-potential entrepreneurial leaders accelerate their growth by giving them direct access to experienced entrepreneurs in North America, enabling them to tap into world-class leadership, professional, technical, and financial resources.

Bigger Future offers a platform for intellectual capital, social capital, and financial capital.

Our current focus is Rwanda and the East Africa region.

Specialty Coffee industry in Rwanda


Recently at GRDP

Sustain growth in 2013

"Rwanda’s economy has sustained growth despite the negative effects of an unstable eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and other external shocks brought on by the after effects of the global downturn five years ago..."

Posted on: 01.13.14 by David Ormesher

The Strategic Coach® provides valuable tools for building Rwanda’s Bigger Future

The Strategic Coach®, a North American-based organization that equips successful entrepreneurs to make significant improvements in productivity and business results, has provided many of its most valuable tools and concepts to Bigger Future, GRDP's business acceleration program in Rwanda.

Posted on: 02.19.12 by David Ormesher

Can you name your Unique Process®?

Every successful business has a unique method that differentiates it from its competition. Even in emerging economies like Rwanda, it is critical to avoid the inevitable slide to becoming a commodity. Commodity businesses compete on lowest price, and that's not a healthy way to build a profitable, job-creating business...

Posted on: 10.31.11 by David Ormesher

Recent News

  • Projected Growth Rate for Rwanda in 2012
    Read More | 02. 20. 12
  • Rwanda’s economy grew 7.4% in 2010, poised for 7% in 2011
    Read More | 02. 03. 11
  • Economic growth in Rwanda may accelerate over the next two years
    Read More | 07. 10. 10

More News

Executives in KigaliA Call for Social Entreprenuers

GRDP is looking for experienced entrepreneurs who desire a hands-on role in developing sustainable, business-oriented solutions in Rwanda. Doing business in Rwanda is not easy, long-distance communication can be challenging, but for an enterprising entrepreneur looking to help Rwandese build strong businesses, the opportunities are many.

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