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GRDP|Bigger Future will launch two quarterly workshops in January Filed in:

The week of January 9 will be busy for the GRDP | Bigger Future team in Rwanda. There will be a reception on Monday evening at 6:30pm for all Bigger Future members. On Tuesday morning starting at 8:30am, the Bigger Future Year One workshop series will begin for all new members. By...

Preparing for a Bigger Future in 2011… Filed in:

We are now wrapping up the year, reviewing our achievements in 2010, taking time off during the Christmas holiday to spend with family and friends, and beginning to dream and plan for 2011. We are also preparing for an exciting series of workshops in January. Many Rwandese entrepreneurs will be starting the...

Wrapping up 2010 with a focus on best customers Filed in:

The November workshop came as the year was beginning to wind down. It's always important to take time to review our accomplishments of the past year before we start making plans for the next year. Our Positive Focus®, a valuable exercise developed by The Strategic Coach®, took a...

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