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Creating a Bigger Future Workshop Series launched on January 27 Filed in:

The first of four GRDP entrepreneur workshops in Kigali kicked-off on Wednesday, January 27 at the Sportsview Hotel with 42 Rwandese entrepreneurs and two visiting entrepreneurs from Nairobi, Kenya. We had an excellent group of experienced entrepreneurs and business faculty that joined us from the United States. Our partnership with The Strategic...

Creating a Bigger Future for Rwanda Filed in:

On December 17, we hosted a breakfast presentation in Kigali on GRDP's series of quarterly business workshops in 2010. This series, called Bigger Future, is a unique business program exclusively for entrepreneurs and is based on prinicples used by more than 13,000 entreprenuers over the past 30 years. Elizabeth Cox and Melanie Woodward traveled...

Entrepreneurship vs. Sole Proprietorship Filed in:

It's popular today to define an entrepreneur as anyone who works for him or herself. It makes sense. Anyone who has the courage to launch out on their own and "eat what they catch" is showing entrepreneurial instincts. There is the desire to "be your own boss," and the quickest...

Elizabeth Cox and Melanie Woodward arrive in Kigali Filed in:

The idea of contributing to the growth, peace, and stability of Rwanda by becoming personally involved with its entrepreneurs continues to be very compelling to North American entrepreneurs. Two women who interact with entrepreneurs every day through their work at The Strategic Coach, heard about what GRDP is doing in...

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