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Companies Expanding in Africa Filed in: airbnb, ibm, starbucks, fdi, investment, economic growth, boston consulting group, africa, kenya, facebook

Consulting firms from McKinsey & Company to the Boston Consulting Group have touted sub-Saharan's investment opportunities, and now large companies from the West are following suit. Recent investment announcements are highlighted below. Airbnb: The number of people staying in Airbnb homes in Africa has increased 257 percent, with Johannesburg and...

Local African Companies Produce Outsized Success Filed in: medium-sized enterprise, economic growth, boston consulting group

From Financial Times’ This is Africa Magazine: Six local African companies are giving their globalized competitors a run for their money in their home markets, according to a new report by the US-based Boston Consulting Group. This is the first time that so many countries from the African region...

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