Can you name your Unique Process®?

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Written by David Ormesher on October 31, 2011

As we wrap up our series of Bigger Future workshops for 2011, our focus turns to sales, marketing, and discovering your Unique Process®, a way of thinking about your business developed by The Strategic Coach®.

Every successful business has a unique approach that differentiates it from its competition. Even in emerging economies like Rwanda, it is critical to avoid the inevitable slide to becoming a commodity. Commodity businesses compete on lowest price, and that's not a healthy way to build a profitable, job-creating business.

In our workshops, we helped our business owners determine their area of uniqueness, not only in positioning but also in how they creates products and services their customers. We helped business owners come up with name for that unique approach and use it as the basis for refining marketing strategy and building a sales process.

In addition, we continued our exploration of everyone's individual Unique Ability®. We have a special methodology that integrates our own intuition with the opinions of the friends, family members and business colleagues who know us best. This was a rich time both personally and professionally.

We had several experienced entrepreneurs and executives from the US who joined us as participants and expert presenters in sales and marketing.

As usual, our workshops took place at The Lemigo Hotel in Kigali.

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